Sony PDW-F800

The PDW-F800 offers multi-format recording flexibility as standard - including SD recording and a frame rate of 23.98P in 1080 mode. The PDW-F800 camcorder builds on the features of the PDW-700 camcorder.XDCAM HD422 products use the same platform as the XDCAM products in wide use around the world. They share the advantage of no mechanical contact between the equipment and the recording media, achieving both a high level of durability and a long media life. XDCAM HD422 products also offer the same high resistance to shock and vibration as other XDCAM products.

Sony PDW-F800


    • 2/3-inch-type Three HD Power HAD FX CCDs
    • Wide Choice of Video Formats: Interlace and Progressive

    • 14-bit A/D Conversion

    • High-quality 24-bit Audio Recording

    • Shock and Dust-resistant Disk Drive

    • 3.5-inch* LCD


    • Rental includes viewfinder, stock lens and batteries.
    • Additional lenses, media, and other accessories may not be included in rental price.
    • Price reflects 1 day rental fee (call for weekly or monthly rates).