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Rental Terms & Conditions

By renting equipment from Joe Sutherland Rentals you (referred to hereafter as 'the lessee') the lessee or lessees agent have signed the “Equipment Release” stating that you have inspected the rented items and found your order complete and in good working order.

Rentals are based upon each day the equipment is in the lessees’ possession, regardless of usage. Each day is based upon pick-ups after 2pm the day before a scheduled rental and returns by 11 am the day after.

Joe Sutherland Rentals assumes no responsibility for damage to recorded materials or other liability of any kind resulting from the use or malfunction of the equipment.

The lessee agrees that recordable media is volatile and it is understood Joe Sutherland Rentals is renting recordable media without warrantee or guarantee. Joe Sutherland Rentals will not be held responsible for any failure to record, or failure to retain a recording, or failure to hold data that has been recorded, or failure to retrieve a recording. Upon return all media will be erased without exception.

It is understood that the lessee, or their representative, is familiar with the equipment and has knowledge of how to use/operate it. Joe Sutherland Rentals cannot be responsible for operation and or use of the equipment while it is in the possession of the lessee. The lessee also agrees that they are responsible for their own post production and Joe Sutherland Rentals is not responsible for post-production workflows.


The lessee agrees to promptly return the equipment at the end of the rental period in the same condition as received (including all parts & accessories) to the satisfaction of Joe Sutherland Rentals staff. Small parts & accessories of any given piece of equipment may or may not be individually listed on the “equipment release” form.


The lessee also agrees to pay for any damages to or loss of the rented equipment (including parts & accessories) that may occur while said equipment is in their control.


The lessee agrees to pay the regular rental rate for each day that the equipment is in their possession and until it is returned in good working order to the Joe Sutherland Rentals.

Joe Sutherland Rentals retains title to the equipment and the right to end this rental and take possession of the merchandise if it is not returned upon request.


The lessee will also pay Joe Sutherland Rentals for any charges incurred by Joe Sutherland Rentals to recover merchandise not promptly returned when requested.

If requested, the lessee must present acceptable Photo ID and/or a deposit equal to the actual value of the merchandise, payable by major credit card. The lessee may be required to provide a certificate of insurance with Joe Sutherland Rentals listed as the loss payee and/or additionally insured. The lessee may be required to present a deposit equal to the deductible of their certificate of insurance.


Lessee assumes full responsibility for the equipment package rented from Joe Sutherland Rentals. Lessee will, upon notification of missing or damaged equipment, make full monetary compensation to Joe Sutherland Rentals Inc. within 30 days.

The lessee agrees that Joe Sutherland Rentals liability is limited to a refund of the actual rental charge only.

This agreement to be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada.

Pick-Up & Return Times:

Pick-up Times: 

Monday to Friday between 2pm & 5pm

Return Times: 

Monday to Friday between 9am & 11am


Rental Agreement

  • Renters provide own insurance and assume full liability.

  • Rental costs are charged until the full return of equipment.

  • No equipment goes out without proper identification.

  • 7 day rentals will be charged as 4 days.

  • Equipment rental is subject to availability.

  • Rentals are payable prior to delivery without credit approval.

  • Package prices may vary.

  • Prices are subject to change.

  • All prices are subject to HST.

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